34 thoughts on “PEGGY & PIGLET

  1. I’ve noticed your posts and other posts by photographers no longer have a place to “like”. Did WordPress do something…again… to make life complicated? I have seen some photos with the one-to-five star like business, but some days they are there, others, not.

      1. The only way to like the is if they are posted so they appear as singles, with other peoples posts on either side. Then the like option appears at the lower right hand. Yesterday, the 1-5 star like option showed.

      2. It is irritating. Could be my stinking crap laptop, too. It’s been acting up and I highly not recommend Toshiba Satellite laptops. Today, the first of your photos shows the 1-5 star rating system. Also, your and other people who have multiple back-to-back posts show the same handful of photos have posted (in one instance) up to five times! That suggested to me there might be awareness of some posting issues.

      3. I buy new after this one. It had been returned by an unhappy customer. Within one session, a virus popped up! I think the previous owner left some surprises in it. I bought it knowing it was used briefly because I wanted this particular model…NOW! Stupid me.

      4. A bit more than two years, I think. I didn’t start using it till two years ago, though, when I had some issues with my pc. I got used to the handiness of a laptop, though, and stopped using the pc. Originally, I got it after I had some earlier issues with the pc.

  2. The middle photo is quite the portrait! I can see they are a source of much interest to you! Hope you stay pretty far away – do you think they are getting used to your presence?

  3. Those are unusual-looking dead trees, especially the one with all the “barbs”. Peggy and Piglet are a sweet pair. I like the middle photo as they both are gazing in the same direction. And, in the bottom picture, this is such a close-up picture that you can see Mama’s matted fur . I love how Piglet is looking right at you in the bottom picture. Checking you out while Peggy takes big mouthfuls of grass.

      1. Yes you are Wayne and because Peggy trusts you, all the cubs down the line will see that trust from their mother and be the same way toward you.

      2. They are more of a threat. All was well at the Park this morning with my critter buddies – no hawk sighting, just a goldfinch,and I tried to get a picture of him but he flitted from tree to tree and was way high up in a tree and just singing away – sounded beautiful.

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