When I first saw a Sow & cub I said to myself “thats Peggy & Piglet”! After all I did find them in their favourite bay. Once I got closer I had doubts.Last time I saw Peggy she had facial mange. This bear doesn’t have any.So I started wondering if it was another bear with a cub similar to Piglet?

After I got home I was able to inspect her face closer.I do believe this to be Peggy after all! Her face does show a blotchiness to it & Piglet has the same blonde hair around her mouth.Vancouver island bears have a unique feature.They have blonde hair around their mouth.

18 thoughts on “PEGGY

    1. about 20 meters…remember that she has known me for years.Each bear has a personality as unique as any human.Some don’t mind if there is another animal hanging around(as long as that animal …namely me, stays on the water).The others that don’t like anyone being around them simply walk into the forest & so I do not take pictures of them,only the ones who don’t mind.
      I think If a Sow during her pregnancy is traumatized again & again,that nervousness affects the fetus?
      I think this process happens to all animals,including humans.

  1. This is a great close-up and you don’t always see the big teeth when their mouths are open, because they are usually chomping on grass. I liked how that old piece of stump or tree is in the photo.

      1. They are really unusual both of them, but the one with the spikes is different. I should have known it was not just “luck” on your part to have it in the shot.

    1. well……….with regard to mange…..yes,but a bear like a human has many other physical ailments.She could get a tooth abscise? Maybe cancer? A bears health is really a mystery? Bears in zoos get examined & proper treatment.These guys are on their own.Thats why they don’t live as long as their cousin bears in zoos.

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