These two small islands are between Tofino & the native village,Opitsat. When someone passed away from the village the body was taken to these islands & placed up in the tree limbs.Not sure how long? They must of come back to get them after awhile or the island would have many bones laying around on the ground?

People who had status would be placed in a hand crafted wooden box. The wood was steamed & bent,thus making what was called “Bentwood” boxes. Because these boxes were small the poor departed soul would have to have all their limbs broken to fit into the box.Than the box was hung from the tree.

There may of been a good reason to place their dead here.If someone died of a disease they didn’t want it to spread & so placed them far away from the village on these islands.

There is a unwritten rule around here… whites are allowed to set foot upon either of these two islands.Romeo & Juliette had their nest in the northern island for many years! So I have studied them from afar & never walked on the island.

There is a dug out canoe (maybe 8 foot long or so?) on the southern island.It was placed there after a baby drowned very close to this spot.The mother/baby & father were travelling by boat at night without running lights.Someone else from the village was coming the other way doing the same thing.They didn’t see each other & collided.The baby was thrown into the water & did not survive.

Many years later (one month ago,July 2018) the father of that baby drowned in a local boating accident.Three people drowned in that accident.All three were lost to the ocean but his body surfaced & was found 10 days ago.The two others remain lost as of this writing.

They are now together…

19 thoughts on “DEADMAN ISLAND

  1. I remember when you wrote about that boat accident – that’s something that the father of the baby was the only one whose body was found. Fascinating about the island as well.

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