19 thoughts on “ROMEO

    1. the Mountain Ash berry was adding some colour.Because the tide was high I was able to get closer to this spot.I could see I was making him uncomfortable so I backed off & apologized to Romeo.

      1. Maybe hard to eat with the large beak and the berries would be so small in comparison to an eagle’s size. They’d be a drop in the bucket for feeding them.

      2. That’s true – yesterday in the area by Humbug Island where the eagles’ nests were, the narrator said there are so many silver bass running in April/early May that you could step from boat to boat and never touch the water as there are so many fisherman in that part of the lake – it’s quite shallow there.

      3. sounds like those will be all fished out soon enough if there are that many fishermen out there! Thats how other animals starve.We take everything & leave nothing.Our epitaph.

      4. That is about it. I’ve heard there were a lot of fisherman down there but I had no idea there were that many that you could step from boat to boat. When I go to the Detroit River, the fisherman are lined up all along the pier and beside them have buckets filled with fish, mostly silver bass..

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