6 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

  1. I came to the website to see The Daredevil as I saw that patch of light on the one wing and wanted to check it out. Here I could see up close the different feathers and their textures against the background. Wow!

    1. the earth is beginning to noticeably shift to the north. I mention this as it affects the shots with this guy.I prefer to shoot him with a black background.But the sun is moving further south & that shadow is almost gone.Thats why you can see the background here.

      1. Interesting … all the weather and climate change are not normal and not good. I did hear from the meteorologist the same day I wrote him, and he sent me a link, but basically just his impressions on the day of the derecho and did not specify what type of derech it was. However, another follower of Paul Gross saw my tweet to the him and this follower lived in Windsor and said he would await any info as he remembered that storm, but nothing else from either of them since that day. As to weather, I was on WordPress late last night … finally the preparation for my bosses big hearing was done (thankfully … hearing is today) … I got here late and the entire time it was a torrential rainstorm … non-stop. I finished looking at your Tuesday a.m. posts and a crack of thunder made me shut down. They were NOT calling for severe weather in my part of town, just thunderstorm and more rain. We got about 2 1/2 inches of rain, and, when I got to my e-mail this morning I had 22 messages, and about 15 of them were weather alerts from the City and the weather station I follow – there was a tornado sighted and scheduled to come through by 1:15 a.m. – they didn’t say anything about that on the news … I’d have not gone to bed and slept so well!

      2. Exactly! I am thinking of writing a post about just that … every time they predict tornadic activity, I go into a tailspin; this time I found out about it after the fact. Many people have lost power and significant flooding has occurred. We have more storms on the way within the hour according to the weather report I just heard. We either have rain daily for weeks on end, then no rain for weeks – the weather has been very inconsistent this Summer.

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