I came across two Harbour Seals playing.Once they noticed me (last shot) they took off in a huge splash!

Harbour seals are not only playful but curious creatures.


28 thoughts on ““LETS PLAY”

  1. This pair of seals made me smile for sure. They were having such a good time and then they saw you, the human, … what a great wide-eyed look. Maybe they are the same seals that came up under your boat that time like Dukes of Hazard (or were those sea lions?)

      1. I remember you said it went under your boat – thought it was a pair of them swimming or playing. These seals were cute frolicking in the water – the wide-eyed look that you captured is great!

      1. Let see the positive part: no matter how much they serve, but they do, and all those creatures can be seen by those people (as me) who cannot see them as you do. :)

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