As you can see the sunset went to the pink end of the spectrum.


20 thoughts on “FIRE EAGLE

      1. That pesky fog – we had some haze this morning here, and fog in the more northern suburbs. We have had an abundance of gray mornings this Summer. That’s why you have to grab those beautiful days when you can.

      2. Fog all day – wow! We have a lot of fog in the Fall, because that starts to impact my morning walks. First, the sun gets up later and the fog, when thick enough, you can’t see past three houses. I’m reluctant to walk in it – if I was walking with someone I’d not be so concerned, but with all the crime, I try to be careful. Often it does not clear til afternoon. I heard about the Prime Minister and his family visiting Tofino and I think I read it on a website like the Weather Channel because, if memory serves me right, there were protesters for some reason.

      3. It does weigh on me Wayne. About 15-20 years ago my mom said we should get out of Lincoln Park as it was going downhill. I argued that the house was paid for (years before) and I did not want to take on a mortgage and I had spent an entire Summer in 1985 re-landscaping the entire front and backyard, so I did not want to undertake that project again. My mom relented, but she was right. We are getting the gang violence from Detroit (not just inner city but Latino issues with gang wars) … they are moving into Lincoln Park (feel free to delete this post or line) … she was right, I was wrong. But, at that time I could not see it … now I can.

      4. I should have listened to reason Wayne, but, on the bright side, it is a small home and fairly easy to maintain, and I really don’t want to put myself into debt biting off more than I can chew … there is crime in other cities, even in the nicer neighborhoods, which is a sign of the times I guess. But it is hitting too close to home these days … sometimes I think I should not follow the crime sites on Facebook, but I do want to know, so I can cringe and worry more. I follow them for the dogs too … with more crime, more people got pit bulls and dobermans … I like to know when people report them missing so I steer clear of the area.

      5. You are right of course. I follow several bloggers who live in rural areas, some in Michigan, but most in the Southern states … they enjoy their days unfettered by the crime that is going on now. I worked in the City of Detroit for decades and I think it is just as bad here now. And the drugs – the drug situation is making the crime/robberies even worse. I carry money with me in my fanny pack because if someone wants $$, I’m handing it over, no questions asked. The drug epidemic has changed life dramatically here. On Sunday morning I was walking in Council Point Park. All of a sudden, a girl maybe in her teens was coming toward me on the path. Her hair was straggly, she was barefoot and a wide-eyed and “out of it” look. She was carrying a medium-sized dog in a blanket. She was not going to do me any harm, but my radar went up and I thought, was this is a pet that ran into the street, was injured??? Then she was close to me, it was a stuffed animal and wrapped in a blanket. So, that is just what I’m talking about – probably high, and I looked on the crime reports to see if she was missing but nothing there at all. Still, it was strange. And typical.

      6. There are places in the Park where there are benches and fairly close to the water. Somehow, I pictured her headed to the water; judging from the way she looked, it would not have surprised me if she walked to the banks and slipped and fell into the Creek. Every day I see a guy at Council Point Park. He had a heart attack a few years ago, then retired from being a football coach at the high school. He happened to be not far behind me. He, like me, feeds the squirrels, so I made a point of stopping so he would stop to mention this girl to him. His words: “ya, I saw her … and she is just like many of the kids I saw walking around the halls at the high school when I was still coach there.” Pretty sad.

      7. Yes, it’s going to get worse before it gets better. We’ve had a few times that people have OD on heroin right out in the middle of the street and died there … a mile away on a busy street in the middle of the night. My next-door neighbor Marge’s grandson ODd … he was in her bathroom and used heroin in the middle of the night. Fell on the floor … laying there most of the night until Marge got up and went in the bathroom and found him. They called an ambulance but he was brain dead. They could only donate his organs to another drug user as he had 26 types of drugs in his system.

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