11 thoughts on “BAT BOY EATING HIS SALAD

  1. He looks cute with his mouth open chomping on grass. What distracted him and caused him to look to the side? And, is that graffiti on the boulders behind him or some kind of shadows?

      1. I guess their senses must be much more acute than ours to survive in the wild. Those were interesting shadows – they almost looked like flower petals. I thought it was graffiti … I’m glad you don’t have people scrawling and scribbling there in Tofino as they do here. At Council Point Park, on the cement landing there was gang graffiti, then another gang came along and put their marks over the other’s and now white paint covers all of it.

      2. I am glad people appreciate the natural beauty and don’t deface it with graffiti … here, there is graffiti everywhere … we have gangs infiltrating the border of Lincoln Park and Detroit and causing not only gang wars, but also graffiti where the various gangs mark their territory. Yes, shadows sometimes do mimic other things … I like walking earlier in the day – the big shadows are not always there. The day I went to the farm, there were a lot of shadows, so pictures were not so clear.

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