1. thank you Linda but lets be honest………it’s what I call an astronomical shot.Anyone can do that.I bet several million shots were taken last night of the same thing.When anyone else (without much skill) can take the same shot,It’s not as worthy as a shot that is “unique”.

  1. Nicely captured, Wayne! I saw them together last night,
    but here She was in the cusp of Mother Moon’s earring.
    I can’t remember ever seeing them closer together.

    Something to marvel beyond Trump and Putin’s feigned handshake…

  2. Have you managed to spot Mercury? It’s supposed to be visible just around sunset, supposedly below and to the right of Venus and the moon. I watched the sky from just after 9 until after 10 p.m., but no luck. I wondered if folks in Tofino would be able to see it, since you have the true horizon there (the ocean).

    1. Once I read this Audrey you jogged my memory about being able to see Mercury tonight! So I stopped what I was doing,grabbed my camera & went out to see If I could?
      Alas I could not see Mercury what so ever? Conditions were perfect too. Mercury is a small planet & it is far away,so the amount of light coming from it is very little.
      Sorry,couldn’t see it here?

      1. Just remembered — Mars rises about 10:30 pm in the southeast and is visible most of the night. It’s bright red-orange and looks pretty spectacular. It’s supposed to keep getting better until the end of the month.

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