8 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

    1. A eagle has over 7000 feathers with only 12 being large white tail feathers. Their tail acts like a boats rudder. It controls their flight.Up,down,left & right.
      I’ve taken many videos of the Daredevil flying closely behind my boat.I study the tail feathers for movement.
      I have found two tail feathers so far.

      1. Those tail feathers are large in the photos. Perhaps they were damaged and fell out or moulting. My canaries would lose all their feathers (I remember the book said about 2,000) over the course of about six weeks every Summer. They didn’t sing during this time period and lost all feathers, but in different areas at a time, including losing the entire tail. They are lethargic during this time period. I felt bad for my canaries as it took a lot out of them.

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