42 thoughts on “PEGGY & PIGLET

      1. I’m now beginning to think that this cub (no matter how much it resembles Piglet) is not Piglet after all! The mother doesn’t look like Peggy.
        So it may not be a runt but simply a new cub born a few months ago.

      2. It must be difficult to tell them apart since so many of the adult bears have mange and really only “Lefty”, “Victory” and “Bat Boy” have distinguishing characteristics.

      3. it’s not the first time I’ve gotten confused Linda & If I’m getting confused good luck to anyone else.Nobody sees these guys more on a constant basis than me.

      4. I think I’m going to make up 50 collars.I’ll put their name on each so no more confusion will happen anymore………..the problem is “how” am I going to put them on?

      5. I wondered if these might be pictures from last year, but they are current. Yes, Piglet seems very small. Hope she is healthy and will be OK. I’m sure you will keep a good eye on her. Thanks, Wayne.

      6. I took those pictures last night Marilyn.A friend just commented that this cub cannot be Piglet & I’m inclined to agree.It has the same thin vertical white patch on it’s chest.The thing for me thats striking is the mother.It doesn’t look like Peggy but I put that down to the face mange.
        I may have a new cub! It seemed to like me,so I assumed it was because it was familiar with me? Silly me,I think I have a new cub that simply looks like Piglet.

  1. So glad there is a second Piglet and you can follow her growth. I hope that Piglet #1 will show herself before long too.

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