While I was with Romeo,I noticed a skiff south of me.It wasn’t moving?I wondered if it had motor trouble but also wondered if there was a whale around? I finished with Romeo.The sun had set & so the light was gone. I headed back to First St dock.That skiff was still there but moving slowly.Thats when I saw the “blow”! It was a Gray whale! I knew instantly that I could only take silhouettes as the sun had already set.If I had known it was a whale I would of left Romeo sooner & come over. Ahhh hindsight………….!

The only shot angle I had was looking NW.I had to line up the whale with the last light of the day.Which placed me right near the dock.For whatever reason the whale surprised everyone & actually came over to the dock! Giving the tourists a excellent vantage point (better than mine)! My cameras exposure was set on “manual” as it always is. So when the Gray came up behind me suddenly I had no time to change my exposure! The shot was under exposed but I managed to bring it back enough to get a half decent shot.

Gray whales are a beautiful creature to be sure but photographically poor.They almost always stay low in the water & rarely breach.(jump out of the water)

A nice ending to my evening shoot none the less!




  1. You weren’t expecting to see a whale! That is a nice shot of the dock area with the aeroplanes and the whale in the foreground. I liked that two-tone sky with the whale too. What a beautiful and scenic place you live in.

  2. You have whales there, too? Good golly. No fair! Nebraska is comparatively boring. Need corn? We got that, but who wants to see “live” corn? Dead, cooked, and on the plate looks better. Good grief.

    Tofino…closest I’ve been is northern Idaho. Man, oh man! I hope I live long enough to see your whereabouts.

    What a moment! Good for you. The scene was captured, and the above is the proof. Now, I wonder what you haven’t pictured. Hmmm…care to expose your bucket list, my friend?

      1. Great! Send the whale snail-mail. I’ll grab my shovel and start digging the pool. You’ll have to wait until September for the corn. It’s only knee high at this point. That is, unless you’ll settle for ethanol.

  3. Isn’t it nice when nature surprises you with her living treasures! We paid the money to go on a whale-watching tour once but didn’t see a whale. It was quite disappointing. However, we did get to see several other native critters.

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