17 thoughts on “RAINING EAGLES

      1. I hear you – we’ve had nothing but rain the last two months, and have a rain/storm Tuesday once again, and 90s at the end of the week. I’m no fan of extreme heat and humidity. It’s been a very disappointing Spring.

      2. I always hated that humidity! My record was 5 showers in one day.I use to sleep down in the basement during the really hot days! I found it much cooler! I always dreamed of having a house built into the side of a south facing slope.Cool in the summer & warmer in the winter! The energy saving would be fantastic!

      3. I don’t like the humidity either. Before we had central A/C put in in 1975, my father slept in the basement all the time. I have a friend who retired last year. He and his wife wanted to retire somewhere with no snow and warm, but not humid, so they went to Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am so envious of their weather. In Summer, they get to over 100 degrees with humidity of 2% or 4% – he said you don’t even break a sweat. I’d could get used to that.

      4. My mom told me in 1936 they had a horrible heat wave that lasted several weeks and all the men would take their blankets and pillows and go down to Sunnyside Park in Toronto and sleep all along the water where it was cool. Many of those guys worked in factories in Toronto and it was like a sweatbox there, so they had to get some relief somewhere, so they slept there. Back in those days I guess you didn’t worry about getting mugged or murdered.

      5. This was an interesting story Wayne – thanks for sending it. Yes, my mom used to talk about this all the time when we had hot weather and I’d complain about it. She was ten years old at the time. My grandfather worked at the Gutta Percha factory in Toronto – they made rubber boots for men and it was a hot and rubber-smelling place, so he sought a good night’s sleep. My grandmother and the kids slept on the front porch, as did most other people. They had a small cellar and it mostly had the furnace and a root cellar so not a place for sleeping. I can’t imagine it. My mom never mentioned all the deaths during that period – I was surprised to read that. We have it lucky now – most people didn’t even own a fan.

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