As you remember,yesterday I found the carcass of a Sea Otter. I towed it to shore & tied it to a tree so it wouldn’t float away. I had decided to travel all the way down the inlet to grab my trail camera.I was going to set it up looking at the carcass in hopes of some wolves coming over for dinner?

Well……….they did, but they started without me! When I came into Tsapee Narrows I found both the Daredevil & Delilah on the carcass. I thought I’d go to shore & check it out? I found it had all been eaten!  I was very disappointed! A pack of wolves must of come through during the night. They ate the whole thing & even took the head! Must be those head hunting wolves.

So much for my plan!

21 thoughts on “FAST FOOD!

    1. wish the little buggers had given me some time to set up my camera! In hindsight I should of brought the carcass back with me in the boat to protect it. The smell & mess would of turned my stomach to be honest.

    1. next time I come across a carcass it’s going to get even yucky’r! I now know I’ll have to take the carcass to a small island for the night.So my boat will be full of blood I bet.

      1. That’s true – out in the wild, you cannot be a bleeding heart. I was a bleeding heart after the snake attacked the baby robins last week. My friend in Virginia sent me daily photos of them, and we had followed them from eggs to 10 days old then the 5-foot snake found the nest. This week I found some robins here and have written about them. I saw you had visited that post – today I posted pictures of one of them after it fledged. Very cute! But, in the Park, there is a red-winged blackbird and it keeps trying to get the robin hatchlings in a nest that is fairly low and I have a good view … three times I have walked by and the robin parent and the red-winged blackbird are fighting – wings flapping at each other and flying into each other. I stopped the red-winged blackbird from his attack by throwing out peanuts onto the pathway as he likes them and I always give him a few, so he went for them, mother robin went back to her nest and sat on the babies. That bothers me seeing it – but I also saw her feeding them and got some pictures to share in a post in a few days. That mom feeding her brood was nice to see – the cantankerous blackbird not nice and made me mad.

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