I found this female bear in a area I’ve never seen a bear in before. I also got the feeling that this bear hasn’t seen many people/boats before.It swung around & was very curious about me.As long as I don’t move the bears stay transfixed staring at me. I do have to slow the engine or correct my steering  which means I do have to move.Movement tells them I’m an animal & that scares them away.

18 thoughts on “INTRODUCING “BELLA”

    1. yes,I love the patch as well! I’d love to name her but will not. I do not go near this area normally,so will not be seeing her again.
      She seemed to very curious as to what I was?

  1. She’s beautiful. Looks like she might just come right over and give you a pat on the back. But not really. LOL.

  2. Bella sure was interested in you and held that pose long enough for some great pictures. I like that she looks at you casually over her shoulder, then stops and turns around for a closer inspection.

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