I was so happy to see my young furry friend again! She looks like she’s grown & is doing well! Because I didn’t see her mother Peggy anywhere I suspect Piglet denned by herself.Peggy must of given Piglet the boot last fall before going to sleep.I found Piglet on the very same beach I found her last year at this time.They tend to hand around areas they are familiar with when they are young.

UPDATE: Turns out this is not Piglet after all.I found both Peggy & Piglet together last night.So this female cub is new.

33 thoughts on “PIGLET?

  1. Good to see her again. :) I’ve noticed that the bears in your pictures look different from the bears here – subtle differences in eye and head shape. Ours are also black bears, but their features seem broader somehow.

    1. good eye Lynette & you are absolutely correct! What I suspect happens is that in a given geographic area there a certain number of (unique) chromosomes circulating around. Some dominate,some not so much.So Mother Nature basically mixes them up & voila …..you have a distinct genetic expression…..with the ingredients available!
      Look at the bears of Princess Royal island.They are black bear but because of every one in nine bears having a recessive colour gene in their make up….they “can” be pure white! Two white Black bears can have a pure black cub & just the reverse,two Black bears can have pure white cubs!
      Vancouver island because of being a island has s a isolated gene pool.All islands are as Darwin discovered in the Galapagos. Our Black bears have black muzzles,blonde moustaches & purple lips. Just the roll of the dice.Mainland bears (including yours) have brown muzzles.

  2. I was not around when Piglet was introduced, but, when I clicked onto this post, last November’s post “Peggy and Piglet” showed up and I was able to read it and catch up. Those were some sweet photos of Piglet last year and that hardware … pretty impressive. Those were all great shots of that sweet baby. And now she is grown up and I’ll look forward to more Piglet pics like the rest of your followers.

      1. Yes, it gives us the warm fuzzies. A fellow blogger from Quebec told me she never saw the fox squirrels and could not believe their tails – I told her they are named because their tails resemble fox fur. She was incredulous as only saw gray squirrels.

      2. Sometimes they call them “red squirrels” – Parker is a fox squirrel. They are, named for their bushy tails, which resemble fox hair. But we have the black squirrels as well – very sleek, almost shiny fur, and very quick. They are not friendly. They are in the neighborhood and just a handful at the Park. They really are loners, you never see them with other squirrels, nor around people.

        My grandmother lived in Toronto and when she came over to visit, she had only seen black squirrels and was amazed at the size of our fox squirrels. She went back to Toronto and that’s all he wanted to talk about from her stay in Michigan. :)

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