18 thoughts on “A DAREDEVIL’S MOON

      1. I replaced the picture with one more cropped. If the skies were clear here,tonight would be the last night to shoot the moon.Tomorrow the moon will rise just as the sun is setting.Can’t take shots without light! The last three days before the full moon are the best days to shoot.The only time I can shoot is when the moon is just beginning to rise.I look for one of my eagles perched perfectly & position the boat so as to align them both up.

      2. :) When you say “The moon is near the horizon so you can put a eagle,heron in the foreground.” Do you mean that you do some montage with your pictures?

      3. I pride myself on not altering my pictures.I always say “what I see..you see”.
        When I say “the moon near the horizon”,that simply means the moon has risen in the east & so is low in the sky.There is a northern,eastern,southern & western horizon.The moon works best when it has risen (in the east of course) the day before a full moon.The reason is because of the light & contrast.Normally the moon rises & it appears very weak in contrast,but the night before the full moon It has sharp contrast as soon as it breaks the horizon.
        In this shot,I’m still three days before the full moon & as you can clearly see,it’s pale.I want a big sharp moon in behind! So when you consider those parameters,there really is only a few hours that you can shoot the moon each month & if it’s cloudy or rainy……next time around.
        You want the “Goldi-Loks” moment….not too pale & not too bright.So that 2 hour window actually comes down to a 20 – 30 minutes time window. Too early will make it too pale & too late will make the moon too bright.
        So you basically have 30 minutes each month to get the shot.I know where all my fine feathered friends perch.So I run around checking each location to see If I have any volunteers?
        The Daredevil posed for this one but as I’ve already explained,I am not totally happy with this but it’s all I could get this time around.
        Hang in there & I’ll get you a great shot!

      4. I would have been surprised, but the way you said it made me wonder…

        Wow, thank you for the super interesting information about moon shots! It makes your photographies look even more special :)

        I’m never far… Keep up the great work!! xx

      1. you can…….all you need is a focal length of 400mm or greater.Wait for the moon to come up & pray there is a eagle near by to put in front.Most of the time I do not get all my ducks lined up for that one! Which makes me curse of course!

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