13 thoughts on “WATCHING & CHEWING

      1. Yes, he is pure black so I named him that. He reminded me of a place my parents used to take me when I was a kid. I didn’t get to eat candy, but this place had something called “licorice pipes” … pure black licorice shaped like a pipe, and every time we went into town, they’d stop there and I’d get one.
        You should use that name for one of the babies once they arrive.

    1. maybe,…but I’m not doing it.Even though the bears recognize me the closest I get is about 15 feet.I’m in my boat just off the shore as they walk by.It’ll be high tide when I go out tonight.More bears show up during low tide to get at the rocks.They overturn the the rocks & lick up all the baby crabs hiding. The problem with low tide & having more bears is that there are always bear watching boats buzzing around.I always like just the bear & me.So tonight the advantage with it being high tide is that there won’t be any bear watching boats about but also fewer bears…..but I only need one!

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