I came across this bear tonight.It was a 4 to 5 year old male.Looks like he had a bout of mange on his face. Because mange is basically tiny bugs that borrow under the skin,I’m calling this guy “Bugsy”.

Notice the difference between the second & third shot.The difference is because the sun went away for 15 minutes.So Bugsy was in shade.

16 thoughts on ““BUGSY”

    1. Native American Bear Symbolic Meanings. Among Native Americans Bear represents extremely strong medicine including the special powers in the areas of wisdom, strength and healing. … Native lore often speaks of Bear as a disciplinary Animal Spirit that meets out judgment on bad mannered humans.
      So If you meet any ill mannered people,tellum to back off or you’ll go grizzly on them!

      1. yes i used your foto in my father’s celebration last year Wayne…powerful meaning for me in many ways…”So If you meet any ill mannered people,tellum to back off or you’ll go grizzly on them!”…yes :-D

    1. I’m sure he doesn’t feel that way.His face must of been very itchy! Poor thing,mange is the most common ailment they suffer!
      When I next see him I will pass on your compliment to him Annette!

  1. Great up-close photos of Bugsy Wayne. I’ve seen squirrels with mange in the neighborhood, but not usually at the Park. Poor things … once I saw a squirrel with a bare strip down the middle of its back and it resembled a skunk at first glance.

      1. You’re welcome. Boy that’s a character I’ve not thought of in awhile. I used to love all those Disney shows when I was a kid. I’ve not seen the squirrel with mange in awhile. Maybe he got better?

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