I’m not familiar with this bear? It looked like a adult male. It was skittish around me.Most of them at the beginning of the season react that way.Once they get familiar with me,they won’t even bat a eye.


28 thoughts on “CHERT BEAR

  1. As always, I love all of your photos tonight! I guess this one proves hibernation is over and Spring is official. Do you think they had trouble sleeping with such a radical winter?

    1. Interesting that you mention that Linda. Geography & Genetics have more in common than the first letter. All animals in isolated areas have a unique gene pool. Being on a island,even more so.
      The Vancouver island Black Bear is unique among Black bears. Because we are a island,the gene pool is unique.So some traits become more evident than others. Specifically getting back to your question……….Vancouver island bears have black muzzles while the main land Black bears have brown muzzles. This bear appears to be an exception & does have a brown muzzle.So most of our bears have a black coloured nose.
      Also,there is a thin blonde moustache around the lower lip & the gums are purple coloured.

      1. That is interesting Wayne. I looked closely and thought at first he had been eating something, berries maybe, that stained his fur, but that would have just been around his mouth. This fur color was more like when a dog is older and gets gray on its muzzle.

    1. Ah,……….a few ask me that from time to time.
      You need to undertsand that I am shooting from a boat.Also,bears through their entire evolution have never been attacked by anything from the water.So they have a most un-natural acceptance of me.As long as I don’t move & remain in my boat,I can get close. I watch which way the bear is moving.It’ll either be going along the beach from my right to left or my left to right.I simply steer my boat ahead of the bear a few hundred feet.Shut the engine off & drift in.I leave my engine down so that the engine skag catches the bottom & holds me close to the shores edge.The bear simply walks by.When he/she looks at me as It goes by thats when I shoot.So usually about 30 feet or so.I accidentally got within 6 feet of a small bear once.It was Li’l Red”.It was busy eating grass & had forgotten all about me until it was almost on top of me.It suddenly realized & ran away.It came back out & was munching away a minute later.

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