Because it was so windy,The Daredevil felt it was better to stay grounded today.Whenever there is a strong wind,they always find a spot where it’s calmer.They have their favourite wind perching spots,but because I was nowhere near that,he choose to ground himself instead.


13 thoughts on “BEING GROUNDED

  1. Wow! The bottom one appears to show a very fierce eagle in a defensive position, wings outspread to make it look bigger. Or else you were far enough away, with a telephoto lens, that you caught it just before it took flight! Either way, it’s a very dramatic photo. Well done!

    1. I’ve seen them trying to keep perched during windy times.They constantly are rebalancing every second! Much easier on the ground but when a eagle does this it’s best on a island where there are no ground predators of course

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