Because it was so windy,The Daredevil felt it was better to stay grounded today.Whenever there is a strong wind,they always find a spot where it’s calmer.They have their favourite wind perching spots,but because I was nowhere near that,he choose to ground himself instead.

13 thoughts on “BEING GROUNDED

  1. Wow! The bottom one appears to show a very fierce eagle in a defensive position, wings outspread to make it look bigger. Or else you were far enough away, with a telephoto lens, that you caught it just before it took flight! Either way, it’s a very dramatic photo. Well done!

      1. thank you Doug.I’d love to see the boys faces if one of my fine feathered friends perched outside their window! Their tails would be switching back & forth & bet!

  2. Makes sense the eagles would ground themselves in high winds. Instincts for survival. Smart birds!!!

    1. I’ve seen them trying to keep perched during windy times.They constantly are rebalancing every second! Much easier on the ground but when a eagle does this it’s best on a island where there are no ground predators of course

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