I went camping for four days.Didn’t find a single bear out & about.I was heading back home when I spotted this big boy sleeping away! I recognized him immediately! It was “Big Red”! He’s the only bear that makes me nervous. He tries to stare me down instead of scooting away. He’s a older male bear,so I’m guessing he’s a tad long in the tooth when it comes to humans.

38 thoughts on “FIRST BRUIN!

    1. Believe it or not Doug,…bears do not hibernate. It’s more a technical difference.They go into what is called “Torpor” state.When a bear is in a torpor state the sleep is not as deep.They can wake up but animals who are hibernating cannot.The respiration is faster & their body temperature is higher as well.
      I’ve heard from friends that they’ve seen bears out & about now for weeks.

      1. I’m looking forward to seeing more bear photos from you, especially the cubs. I was wondering why you called the bear “Big Red” then I saw you tweeted he had mange and his fur grew back in red. Now I know.

  1. How wonderful to be so intimate with the bears that you recognize them, Wayne. And camping for four days, only to find him on your way out; I always marvel at that final siting at the last minute when I’m out and about too. Fantastic photo, my friend–

  2. I can’t believe I missed the first bear post! As you know, I wait for them every year. The thought of cuddling with eagles just doesn’t work. :)

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