34 thoughts on “NOSE DRIP

  1. LOL . . . . makes one wonder if he has allergies or a slight cold? But its probably just natural. Incredible that you caught it with your camera. Very funny title.

  2. Talk about up close and personal! Well, it’s not Spring allergies as all the trees are already out there, so it must’ve been a cold? I’ll bet you were surprised to see this when you were taking the picture.

      • Then you’re pleasantly surprised when you get to the darkroom, or upload them to your computer if they are digital. I always get excited waiting to see what I took and for me, often how many bloopers I have. Squirrels that scurried out the frame too quickly and I have tails or snouts and pavement only! (Thank goodness for digital cameras as I’d be in the poorhouse!)

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