Adrian Dorst

book cover


Adrian Dorst is a true renaissance man! He’s not only fantastic natural photographer but also a excellent wood carver.He works for months on his carvings & sells them locally.

The passion he is best known for is his love of birds! Adrain Dorst is recognized as one of the foremost leading experts on birds on the west coast.If it flies,he knows!

For several years now he has been putting together a book of the birds on Vancouver island.It just came out.If you love birds,you’ll love this book & If your coming out to the island………it’s a must have!

17 thoughts on “ADRIAN DORST’S NEW BOOK!

  1. Thanks for the heads up, Wayne – will check this out! (I know I’ve said it before – you’ve got any number of books in you, full of photographs and stories…)

  2. Oh, yes, it would be wonderful for you to do a book! You’ve taken some exquisite photos worthy of sharing with the world. You can always get someone else to help write it. Very nice of you to tell us about this new book. Looks like it will be a good handbook for those who enjoy birds.

  3. If there are 360 species of birds just there in Vancouver Island’s West Coast – it is hard to fathom how many are around the entire world. It is nice of you to showcase your fellow naturalist and esteemed photographer friend Adrian Dorst’s book and talents. I agree with your other followers Wayne … you should take your favorite photos and compile a book of images and narratives as well.

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