15 thoughts on “TRYING TO FIT IN

  1. What types of birds of these? Some have blue chins,iridescent necks and yellow about their beaks – I’m wondering if they are the young or the female of the same species or if I’m looking at two or three different ones. (Looking at them on my phone so can’t enlarge very well.)

    Great title. :)

    Great t

    1. good question Lynette.They are all Cormorants.There are two types.The blue chin guys are Brandt’s Cormorants (adult plumage) & the other is “Double-Crested Cormorants”(adult plumage)

  2. I hope you can share your knowledge and photos locally at the library or nearby college? I attended a noon hour talk recently about bats. The speaker was passionate and knowledgeable and I learned!

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