19 thoughts on “MAGGIE GIRL OUT FOR A WALK

      1. I believe it – they would take an attitude and feel like you couldn’t be bothered with them, and feel slighted or snubbed. I don’t know why the derogatory term of “bird brain” is every used. Every domestic bird I’ve ever interacted with was well aware of what they could “get away with” without a stern word. My last canary Buddy was mischievous and I could watch him out of the corner of my eye to see his next move sometimes. He would do likewise – watching to see if I was watching him. He used to dunk his head into his water dish and I didn’t want him to do that as I was afraid he’d catch a cold … he knew he was not supposed to do it, but he’d stick that head all the way to the water and look over at me. He’d test me. This was probably because I work right here from the kitchen table and his cage was high up on a butcher block and only about 6-8 feet from me. We were very in tune with each other.

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