23 thoughts on “MAGGIE GIRL OUT FOR A WALK

      1. I didn’t think so, but what was Maggie walking on then Wayne. There were green things on the surface of the water. Was it like pond lilies? I thought there was ice because she was walking on the surface of the water – maybe it wasn’t water?

      2. That’s interesting Wayne. I found the picture of the green heron I mentioned yesterday. As I told you I contacted the Department of Natural Resources for Michigan and sent this link to my blog post and asked what kind of bird it was. They said “green heron” and “good find” so I guess it must not be common around SE Michigan. The DNR is usually good about replying to questions, except I did find a seagull down at the pier and it had not only a fish hook in its mouth, but several inches of fishing line hanging from the hook. The seagull didn’t move while I was there (about an hour), just perched on one leg on the top rail, so I e-mailed the DNR when I got home thinking maybe someone could capture the gull and remove the hook/line. They wrote back that the hook will usually work its way out its bill and not to worry. Here is the green heron at the top of the post: https://lindaschaubblog.net/2016/09/12/sunrise-and-scarecrows-on-a-late-summer-morn/

      3. that hook problem could rust enough that it does snap or it could create an infection.It would cost the DNR too much money if they went after every bird we have screwed up!
        Each day we as a species kill thousands upon thousands of animals with our cars,our planes,our ships/boats,our buildings,our garbage………our encroachment.

      4. That is sadly true. I had hoped the DNR would have a group of veterinarians who would come to the rescue of small animals or birds, in need of medical help, on a voluntary basis, when a DNR rep can’t get there. My canary’s vet was an avian specialist, so maybe someone like that would know how to handle the gull to tranquilize it and remove the hook.

      5. yes,that would be a good idea.Talk to people in the know.They’ll be able to give you advice.
        You could become familiar with it’s patterns. Put out food each day.Use a live trap.

      6. I know one can rent live traps from the SPCA sometimes.They can show you how they work.Very simple. Get together with someone else who is keen & remember the towel.Have a pair of wire cutters & maybe some ointment for the wound.

      7. I will remember that for next year Wayne … this happened last August when I saw it and contacted them. They had a couple of the replica ships owned by Christopher Columbus at the pier so I went down to see them and take pictures … very nice, but the sails were down. They are built to scale, everything the same as the originals. But, I could not get that gull out of my mind.

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