1. Such large wings on this eagle. When do eagles molt Wayne, in Summer like most birds? I know that I read somewhere that there is a certain time when the Canada Geese lose their flying feathers when they are molting, so they are not around the Park where I walk every day – not even the Creek area. Then suddenly they are back again.

      1. That makes sense Wayne. I guess that is sad for you, as you don’t see them flying about in the usual places then. I don’t know where our Canada geese go, since they lose their flying feathers, because they just vanish during that time altogether. First, the DNR treats the grass so they won’t graze there after their goslings can fly, then the treatment wears off, the geese return, then they begin to molt and go away again. I had canaries and they molted in the Summer for about 6-8 weeks.
        So, for their well being, and as regards their molting, they have to receive a certain amount of light per day or it affects their health and causes a prolonged molt which is harder on the bird.

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