20140213-20080726-El Capitain & Half Dome 2

20140213-20080726-El Capitain morning #1

20140214-20091120-20080726-20080726-El Capitain & Merced River

It’s been raining for over a month now,so i thought some shots of some other place might be in order. This is El Capitan. A huge granitic monolith in Yosemite.Well known all over the world as one of the best climbs! At night I could see the faint lights of the climbers in their tents. They bivouac on the cliffs face. Better them than me I say!

23 thoughts on “FACES OF EL CAP

  1. Great photographs, Wayne! I’ve read about climbers camping, hooked into little tents and bivvy bags – no way I’d do that, and I sure can’t imagine I’d get a decent sleep…
    Hope you get a dry weather spell soon!

  2. Gorgeous shots, Wayne! I love the bottom winter pic, it would make an awesome painting :)
    We’re going to get webbed feet if this rain doesn’t slow soon, lol. Did you hear about the poor woman that drove into a sinkhole up island? Scary!

  3. Really great photos of one of my favorite places. I did some rock climbing there but not the big walls. That’s for those with far more skill than I. And I turn around in my sleep too often for a hammock up there!

  4. I have a good friend who vacations in Yo twice a year – she’s a painter and a photographer and it’s interesting to see one of her favorite subjects photoed by someone else. Haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the park in person, but I love your photographs.

    1. A days light is like a snowflake,….no two are the same.If your friend had been in Yosemite while I was there,our shots would look similar & If she happened to be in the same area,very much so!
      Thank you Noelle & you should go! Best time is WInter.Crowds down,just dress for it.

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