20160307-20160307-Sunset Pano

20160307-20160307-Sunset Pano #2

20160307-20160307-Sunset Pano #4


We received 253 mm of rain yesterday alone.If your American & still are using imperial,253mm comes up to 10 inches. One advantage of having lots of rain are sunset pictures. I’ve found the best beach shots need lots of rain.Low tide needs to be near sunset as well. Low tide gives lots of surface area.

All that rain bleeds out onto the beach making a beautiful mirror! Having great clouds is just icing to the cake!

51 thoughts on “TOFINO REFLECTIONS

  1. Gorgeous! Brilliant pics, I love it and yes it typical for the West Coast after rain to have the most beautiful sun reflections. Lovely, thanks for sharing. Makes me miss the West Coast a lot…

      1. Static electricity: they can carry a load of bills if they rub themselves the right way! LOL! (If you pet them in the dark, you can see little sparks in their hair. It’s a bit addictive.)

      2. Yes, I finger-kiss their noses, but feel bad if there is a static electricity discharge. They are not amused! I try to remember from year to year that this is the time of year for prudently discharging my finger first. LOL!

      3. LOL! I’d have to clean them up, so I’ll probably skip this one! (I can imagine a box full of them and the curious cat… POW! Packing peanuts and cat unite!)

  2. I am in total awe. What beautiful photos, reflections and landscape. I will be looking at these for a long time. WOW!!! But 10 inches of rain in one day? That’s rough.

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