1. WOW – great photos of waves splashing against the rocks – as white as snow. Definitely not good canoeing weather. But you still captured nature’s beauty while walking on the shore!!!

    1. thank you Marilyn.Two people met their ends here.This place is not to be trifled with.Logs the size of a SUV come shooting out sometimes.All the trees along the forests edge(200 feet away) have broken limbs.

      1. Oh, gosh. Yes, Mother Nature is to be respected for sure. Sounds wild. How wonderful you are experiencing it safely.

  2. Yes there is nothing like those Pacific storms. I remember them from living in Pacific Grove and Monterey. Beautiful shots, show the power in those waves.

  3. Great photos, Wayne! I saw a guy paddling a kayak around the lighthouse last week – I’d have never gone out in what was a windy day with pretty high seas (he was roller coasting and disappearing then popping back up) making good progress, but still…
    Hope you get some tranquil days soon!

      1. I cancelled notifications in my email because I was getting overwhelmed and now I keep missing your posts!
        I’ll have to do a daily search :)
        Be safe over there!

    1. I wish I could go here every time we get a big storm but alas cannot & would not unless the light showed up as well.Thats the big problem with this spot! The storm that created it must go so the light can come out while it’s going off!

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