I went camping up in Tranquil for New Years.I awoke New Years day to the sound of Trumpeters close by! A family group had come into Tranquil to feed. They only do this during high tide.

For years I’ve seen these circular dug out shallow holes in the gravel but couldn’t figure out who or what was doing them? I found scat (which was the same shape as Canada Goose scat) beside the holes,so I “assumed” it was Trumpeters? After seeing them feeding in this spot I’m positive the culprit are Trumpeters!

They turn upside down & shovel out the gravel to form these very circular holes!I haven’t a clue what their eating? Might be insects or some other marine invertebrate? I’ll have to dig around myself to see whats crawling about.

Getting close to a Trumpeter is very difficult! I could see them but they couldn’t see me. I had to shoot through some brush.



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