21 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

    1. Thank you Doug.It was low tide,so I beached the boat & walked up to him.Of all my eagle friends he allows me the honour of walking towards him! I’d never be able to do this with a eagle I didn’t know!

  1. What an awesome trio of pictures; my favorite is the last one. That is one angry bird. I am going to thank Uncle Tree for suggesting I visit your site after our discussion about eagles and photographs of them.

    1. He’s not angry Linda.Because eagles are a different species the musculature in their face is not the same.So they cannot smile like us & as a result we cannot infer their emotions.
      Uncle Tom seems like a good soul.He loves sunsets,so he must be a good guy.

      1. I did not realize that Wayne … about the musculature in their face. I took it that they were angry in their photos and even their eyes had a steely type of look … I just replied to you via e-mail about your pictures you sent and again referred to him as having an “angry look” but that was before I saw this comment from you. Yes UT seems very nice – I have just started following him around Christmas time. His sunsets and sunrises are spectacular. I told him he is lucky to have an unobstructed view to capture those images of the sun. He also gets nice shots of the geese coming in for a landing at that golf course. I live in a neighborhood so all I see are rooftops when I try to take a picture of the sun – I had to go to the river last weekend to get a picture of the sunrise on the water.

      2. Each is unique like a snow flake.No two are alike,just like humans.Not all eagles like me.I am allowed to get close only to the ones that like me.If I try to close to a eagle that does not know me or does not like me,…………off they go! They can feel me but I can only feel a few.

      3. That is so interesting … now don’t laugh but I have a rapport with the squirrels in the Park. I feed them all the time, but sometimes, and I’ll write about it, there will be a new one and they are wary – don’t trust me. The other walks laugh because they follow me even after I give them peanuts, they’ll walk along behind me, hoping I’ll turn around and give them some more. I look like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. The walking path is two miles altogether, so when I have enough time, I go around twice. The path is like a figure 8 and one loop is a more wooded area, so more squirrels hang out there … they wait on me, and come running over to me. It’s like having a pet sometimes. Not quite the same as an eagle, but you have to gain their trust. I usually walk to the park from my house, but sometimes I take the car. I’ll go back to the car to go home, and there is one squirrel waiting there for me … he knows I have to return there. I tell people I have a kind face and they accept me.

      4. yep,identical sense,different application! They can feel you & understand that you are not a threat.They allow you within their “flight zone”.If any animal gets too close & crosses that invisible flight zone,they take off…….or fight! The vast majority of animals will always try to avoid fighting.It’s not only very dangerous but also costs a lot of energy! Energy comes from food.So that means they’ll need to go find more food to bring their batteries back up to snuff.
        You have a very similar relationship with squirrels! Good for you Linda!
        Just out of curiosity……have you named certain ones?

      5. Wayne – a couple of weeks ago I did a post with some close-up photos of a squirrel – it was a new squirrel and I remarked it was a “newbie” in the park. It was very apprehensive and took its time coming down from its nest and kind of “feeling me out” … I figured it wanted peanuts, but didn’t trust me. I did a whole post about this squirrel. I am laughing because I do have one squirrel that I named, “Parker”. The Park is about 3/4s of a mile from my home and most of the time I walk there and back plus around the Park. But, since I work from home, I have to drive the car sometimes so I drive there and just walk extra to get the miles in. When I walk down Pagel Avenue, there is a squirrel who lives in a tree there – I gave him peanuts, one time mind you, so next day, he was Johnny-on-the-spot ready and waiting for me – both going to the Park and coming home. So, this became an every day thing – I’d look for him, but most of the time he looked for me first. But, I felt badly if I drove and he didn’t get peanuts, so I would walk from the Park to his “tree” to give him peanuts. Then he would follow me back to the Park and walk around behind me, or go to the car and wait for me. I was worried someone might run over him, so I tried to put more peanuts back in the Park area, away from the parking lot. I think he lives in the Park all the time now as I don’t see him in the street. He has no visible markings or distinguishing characteristics but he is the first to come running over. So, I kept talking about him in my posts, and eventually named him “Parker” since he was in the Park, and parked himself over by the car. It was easy to identify him in my blogs. One time I said it reminded me of the TV show “Lassie” when Lassie saw Timmy get home from school. :) https://lindaschaubblog.net/2017/11/28/tuesday-musings-32/

      6. He is very cute – I like his ambition to follow me up the street, to the Park, then wait for me at the car until I returned again. I almost wanted to take him home with me. Humans are a disappointment sometimes aren’t they? More and more everyday, there is something I read or see that makes me shake my head over mankind. I think I should have been born in a kinder, gentler era … this world sometimes moves too fast for me.

      7. Yes, that is true … you should try to ignore what is going on around you and put the blinders on and then you’ll get through the days much better.

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