On my way out to camp, I passed through the Daredevil’s territory in Tsapee Narrows. He surprised me….as per usual with him.He flew in behind me suddenly & very close.He always comes in a threatening manner.Good thing I know him! I know it’s his way of playing.

He tried several times to make me stop & play but I was a man on a mission.I had to get into my camp site at high tide.I had no time to play.I apologized…….. he circled back to his perch tree.

Notice how the pupil in his shaded left eye is larger.


      1. I never married & so I think my life energies have gone into my animal relationships…….. I suppose? I do not connect with all eagles,just like our own relationships with others go.Each person is a lock & a key.Not all keys fit all locks.

        I have always had dreams from the air looking down.One of the reasons why I love maps so much & aerial photography.
        We always seek out that which is familiar.

      2. Very true! I’ve had a lot of flying dreams, too, starting at a very young age. Guess that’s why I feel such a rapport with birds. And I love Maps! My Mother used to get the maps out and just read them like she was reading a book. She loved to travel by automobile, too! Because of her interest, I learned to read a map and navigate by them as a child. Thought everyone could do that until I got older and found many can’t. Some even have trouble folding the map back up. I had an Uncle that would get so frustrated trying to fold a map, he would just wad it up into a ball and throw it out of the car window. He had a very high IQ, too – like Genius level! I never though to offer to help him. He would have probably thought I was just being a precocious child, anyway. 😊

      3. Oh isn’t that interesting! When I go into a new area,I like to study topos.I try to imagine how the terrain will look.Sort of like a fly through.
        Each of us has our own unique manner in understanding this life we travel.We cannot know or understand all,so your Uncle could not appreciate maps as we do.

      4. I never thought of that! It would be fun to see how close you got in your imagination when you actually get there.

        Oh, yes! I read someplace that God created us as unique individual facets of Himself so that he could get a different viewpoint of his Creation from each one – like looking at it from every possible angle. I liked that concept.

        I guess he couldn’t, poor man. 😉

  1. Those are pretty up close and personal photos. WOW. Both of you curious, the bird coming in close and you with your camera. Beautiful!!

      1. Ah, so he is a goofball. Funny. Amazing that he is so playful and carefree with someone that does not look a thing like him.

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