20171223-Tranquil Tree Pano



I went up in Tranquil valley for some winter/Christmas camping.Decided to decorate a “wild” tree. A wild tree is anything that hasn’t been planted by a human.

I found this big old stump out on the flood area in the estuary. It looks like it may of been cut many a moon ago,leaving just the stump behind.Over the course of time the wood has decayed enough to produce a viable soil for plants & trees to find purchase.

Not sure what kind of tree this was but suspect a spruce as the needles pricked at my fingers.

A perfect spot to be sure but the light was crappy! It was all in shade.Some cloud came over to ruin my Christmas photo! Mother Nature delivered up a lump of coal,but it still has merit!

27 thoughts on “A TRANQUIL CHRISTMAS

  1. These pictures say so much without the utterance of a single word, Wayne.

    The miracle of life bursting through from the roots of a dead tree …. The deep love and appreciation for Nature it must take for a man to find enjoyment in camping out in the Wilds during winter …. the innate creativity within the Heart of a person thoughtful enough to bring Holiday decorations along to enhance the beauty of a wilderness theme …. the wonderful message this theme expresses to those that view it …. the admiration one feels for a person that would take the time and make the effort to decorate the scene so beautifully in such a remote and difficult setting (it could not have been an easy task!) …. the awe and wonder viewing them instills in the Heart of one sitting inside a warm home in a city far away …. and so much more beyond the realm of mere words ….

    I AM so grateful for this Gift that is so Pure and True and Wonder-full to behold!

    Thank you!
    From my HEART to your HEART in LOVE 💞

    1. Thank Betty for your insightful words! It was an adventure to be sure!
      I know of another spot with a even nicer tree & had planned on dropping by to decorate it as well but the sun was once again snuffed by the clouds. I came back to Tofino.Always so nice to sleep in ones bed!
      You have the heart of a poet!

  2. You dressed up a tree stump that probably felt like it was forgotten forever. If trees have feelings, I think you made this one feel very good this year!!!

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