Low tide was happening as I was heading out,so I thought I’d head up into Fortune Channel to look for any of my furry friends? The odds were against me but I had to check one last time……just in case?

Of course I ended up being correct unfortunately! I won’t be going back up into Fortune until next March.

I went by Tsapee Narrows on the way back but couldn’t see the Daredevil anywhere? I then went to visit Maggie but she was absent as well! By this time the light was being affected by a rather large cloud system moving in. I did see a thin opening near the horizon & decided to wait for the sun to appear.

I was delighted to find some great light when the sun came through.Both Romeo & Juliette had been waiting with me patiently!

The eagle above is one that I do not know.It took off with it’s prize (whatever that was?) after I spooked it.

17 thoughts on “STEALING AWAY

  1. Absolutely love the pictures you take and the quality of the pictures are amazing, which camera do you use? :)

    1. I use Canon 5D’s,but I’m upset with Canon!! I bought a brand new camera (6D) & it was junk after 13 months due to moisture damage.I only go out in sunny conditions. That camera never so much as got a drop on it! The moisture came from the air.The weather stripping for that camera is very poor! I ever get ahold of the area Rep I’ll let him know!

      1. Oh okay, please do because I travel but I just take pictures on n my phone or Polaroid, I’m looking to get a camera and I was thinking thinking about getting a canon.

      2. Yeah, I think I’m going to check the prices because I’m going to Greece next week and I’m hoping to get one before that 😊

      3. hummmm……..that may not be wise? I hear about people doing this all the time.The problem with doing this is having a new camera your not familiar taking important shots! Keep it on “Auto” would be my only advice & read the manual on the way over so you know the basics.Watch tutorials on You Tube as well!

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