Because the Tranquil Trumpeters are back I thought I’d go down to the end of Grice bay  & check to see if those swans were back as well? Sure enough,they were there! There had to be over thirty! Of course nobody ever goes down there,so they can hear anyone coming literally a mile away!They have large wing spans,so it takes a greater amount of time to get into the air.


  1. All of your work is so amazing, Wayne! It is such a pleasure to view them! Every time I think of you taking the shots, I realize all the skill, thought and effort that must go into each one. Please know how very much you are appreciated! Thank you for sharing such beautiful compositions with us all.

    1. thank you Jet but to be honest I was disappointed in many ways.The light got snuffed by a large cloud system that moved in from the SW while I was heading down there.When I put the boat into the water it was sunny,but by the time I got down there the light was poor.
      So I tried to get some of them silhouetted against the sun/clouds……….they didn’t co-operate with me on that.The flock had to be over 30.So I wanted a shot with all of them together posing but they all decided “NO”!
      So I was scraping the bottom on this one to be honest.
      thank you for your kind comments.
      I hear California is still having fire problems. I wish you well!

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