I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my furry friends still out & about! A record for me personally! I’ve never seen a bear out so late.I had to stand in the river to get these shots which made me visible.You can see it sniffing the air trying to figure out what I was? Once It spotted me,It stopped walking towards me,retreated & went into the forest.I knew it was going to come out behind me so I backtracked myself,got into my canoe & paddled over to the other side of the river & waited.

Sure enough It came out right were I had parked the canoe. It crossed the river & found a dead salmon! I was shocked that any dead salmon were still around! The heavy rains flush them out to the estuary!

He’ll be going to bed very soon!

16 thoughts on “SOMEONES NOT GOING TO BED!

  1. Good catch of your photo of a late to sleep bear. Maybe his rhythm is just off or he’s still hungry or he knows about global warming. LOL. It must have been cold for you standing in the river this time of year, even if you were dressed properly. Ah, what a good photographer will do for a good photo.

    1. I do believe it is a male………..& you know how late they can be!
      I bought myself a birthday present! A brand new set of neoprene chest waders! I literally picked them up on my way out! I love them but the straps are too short.So I will have to make them longer some how?

      1. LOL – males late? New waders, great. Would another size have longer straps? If not, might be easier to make the latches in front longer – not the straps. And if the straps cross in back, don’t cross them – you’d get a little more length that way. Hope they wear well.

      2. The buckles are basically just made of plastic.They are all the same length & to put new ones on I’d have to slice the thread at the end of the strap & resew it,but as I said it wouldn’t give me any more length.
        The straps come straight over & do not cross.I’m going to cut the thread at the end of the strap & resew it back together much closer to the buckle.I should get a good inch out of it.
        A bigger size “might” work but I’ve already worn these & so cannot return them.
        Thanks for the suggestions Marilyn!

  2. I like the added information always as the back story really adds to the shots. You obviously have some stories that you could tell from close calls before you knew bear behavior. I should have taken some pictures today. I was near Oliver today and there was two herds of big horn sheep, maybe 30 of them. They were nearly wiped out 15 years ago by a virus and just recently are coming back

    1. I’m not much for words to be honest.I try to add a bit of info to help the observer understand.
      Carrying your camera with you at all times is hard to do.People do carry their phone but those shots fall short.
      Thanks for dropping in Dave!

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