The adult female was making a kill of a Californian Sea Lion. They weigh in at 1/2 ton. The entire group shared in the meal.It would be like you inviting your poor hungry cousins over for Thanksgiving & watch them devour the Turkey in a few seconds.

The poor thing tried to keep it’s head above water but couldn’t & sank below.


14 thoughts on “MAKING A KILL

    • I can just see two of them grabbing a fin on either side & making a wish!
      No, as far as I know Orcas do not attack.There was a Orca in Marineworld called “Tilicum” a number of years ago that killed two people.One was it’s trainer.A female who was with in the water with Tilicum by herself.It didn’t hurt her but did drown her. They thought it was being aggressive in it’s playing?
      The second was an adult male.He broke into Tilicum’s area over night.He was drunk.They found him at the bottom of the tank in the morning as well.
      Strange that both were found with no clothes on?
      So,If you hopped in the water right in front of a swimming pod,they’d only come over to check you out.They are very intelligent!

    • any time I run into Orcas it’s a magically experience!I see eagles almost all the time & bears during the summer countless of times,but when It comes to Orcas they are unexpected & uncommon visitors! Plus they are just so large when they surface beside my little boat.They are always careful not to hit my boat.Very polite & intelligent too!

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