21 thoughts on ““EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE”

    1. I didn’t take any & even If I had you wouldn’t be able to hear me very well as the Go Pro would have to to be in it’s case on my head to keep my hands free.
      When I travel,I always listen to my music.Once when I came across a pod I threw the headphones off & promptly forgot about them while I was shooting. Unbeknownst to me the phones were still transmitting music & it was going through the hull! I had forgotten to shut it off.As a result a large male Orca actually came over to check me out & yes I do have that on Go Pro!

  1. Oh these are just magnificent Wayne – how fortunate you were with lighting and finding them all together like that. It is almost like a beautiful fountain display, although the water from the blowholes even reminds me of the fire boats down on the Detroit River during the annual Freedom Festival Fireworks event … they have them there to douse the flames if there are any incidents, but the boats also give a little display before the fireworks begin. Thank you for forwarding this link to me to view.

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