1. your welcome! As a photographer,I’ve realized that the earth has a “ring of gold” around it at all times.Basically If you can imagine being in outer space, you look at the Earth & you will see a bright side & a dark side.Where those two meet is that ring.On one side it is sunrise & the other side is sunset.This ring goes right around the entire Earth.
      If I could I’d like to always be somewhere on that ring around the Earth.However I cannot travel at the speed of sound to keep up with the advancing ring.So I will be content capturing it here in Tofino as It goes past.

      1. Wow! I can imagine it and seems to be wonderful! I wish you all the best in capturing it in Tofino. All photos are great and show your passion for what you do! Thank you for sharing that!

  1. It’s a bit akin to magic when you capture a fragile and beautiful moment as you have here, truly akin to putting time in a bottle. Such lovely, subtle colors.

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