26 thoughts on “SUNSET STORM

      1. No & the problem you have trying to do something like this,is that If you go out to storm watch,your going to most likely be there for days.As our storms are not a day affairs usually.So it would be best to know the operators.
        Sounds like a great money making excursion! They would have to provide accommodations & food of course.I bet someone so inclined could charge $500 a night The Government is deactivating them by the score.I wonder If someone could purchase one of these lighthouses?

      2. I think it’s been done in the US and other places, but I don’t have any actual examples. I think you’re right, though — there are people keen to safely experience dangerous natural forces.

    1. light is the most critical element in a photograph. Subject matter takes a back seat.If you have a great subject…..excellent…..icing to the cake,but light is the most important.You could take a picture of a burlap bag 15 minutes before sunset & it would look fantastic! Horizontal light good(sunrise/sunset)………vertical light bad(noon).
      Pink is the last colour in the sequence.It is the most delicate.Low contrast but very desired! It only lasts a few minutes at best.

      1. Oh, I totally agree with you about light. A very good description you have given here. So pink is a little elusive but you certainly captured it well in these photos. I photographed what was pink to the eye in a sunset and it came out orange in the photo – a bit disappointing.

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