Peggy looks so beautiful in this shot! I couldn’t of gotten a better pose from her.She actually seemed to be very proud of her new born cub “Piglet”!


Piglet couldn’t of been more than a month old here.Peggy had Piglet late in the year.The females give birth in their winter den.

On the coast,a den is anyplace that is dry & quiet. Usually a large overturned tree.


They are born with serious hardware.


Piglet had just been feed but was still hungry.She was crying for more.


When she was first born,her nose was more pinkish.The reason why I called her “Piglet”.She looked like a little piggy with her pink nose.


“who’s that Mummy”?


When It was time to go,Peggy very gently reached down & picked Piglet up by the scruff.Piglet had been protesting loudly at not being feed fully but when Peggy picked her up,she shut up & looked more stunned.

Peggy walked slowly & carefully up into the forest with Piglet swinging like a large purse!

It was such a adventure & honour to watch Piglet growing up over the summer!


This is Piglet all grown up as a cub.Notice her distinct chest marking.A thin vertical white mark.

Piglet & Peggy will be going to sleep soon.Bears btw do not hibernate.They actually go into a state of sleep called “Torpor”.Basically the difference between hibernation & torpor is that torpor isn’t as deep a sleep.In torpor the heart rate & respiration is faster.Plus the animal is attentive to sounds around it.A bear can be woke up simply by walking near it’s den. You can walk up to a hibernating animal & not wake it!

They’ve found out from researchers (who put bio monitors on a bear before it went to sleep) that if a bear is disturbed,It takes 2 weeks to get back down to it’s original state of torpor.The researchers had to go swap the cards every month or so from the recorder.The recorder was located several hundred feet away from the den.The data was sent to the recorder wirelessly.They saw in the data that the heart rate increased when someone approached the recorder!

I won’t be seeing them anymore this year.

Sleep well Peggy & Piglet……see you in the Spring my friends & thank you!

55 thoughts on “PEGGY & PIGLET

  1. What a nice story to go along with your photos. Here’s hoping Peggy and Piglet have a good winter sleep – and get rested for Spring. It will be interesting to see how much bigger Piglet will be by then. Truly a special mother and cub which you captured in your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ok


    เมื่อ 16 พ.ย. 2017 08:58 “Welcome to Tofino Photography” เขียนว่า

    > Tofino Photography posted: ” Peggy looks so beautiful in this shot! I > couldn’t of gotten a better pose from her.She actually seemed to be very > proud of her new born cub “Piglet”! Piglet couldn’t of been more than a > month old here.Peggy had Piglet late in the year.The females giv” >

  3. Amazing pictures. I love Piglet. But as cute as he is, I am sure you wouldn’t want to tangle with him or his mom. Thanks for sharing these incredible photos!

  4. Oh my, I felt such a separation pang… Thank you, for allowing us to share in the growth of this beautiful baby and the connection with her proud momma. I am in awe. If anyone ever wonders what is good and right about this world, all they have to do is follow your blog, Wayne. God Bless us, everyone.

  5. What a lovely post, Wayne. Thanks for allowing us to visit with Peggy and Piglet before their long sleep. You are a wonderful steward of our beautiful animal friends ❤

  6. Thanks for the delightful images…I have enjoyed seeing them throughout the year but seeing them all together is wonderful!

    1. thank you Noelle! There is a good chance that I will be seeing Piglet next year. I’m guessing that there are around 60 bears in the area.The only way I can keep track from year to year is unique body marks.Scar across the nose,white mark on chest,eye damage.Piglet has a unique marking……..a thin white vertical mark.So I should be able to see that & know who it is.

    1. She will go into a state of torpor,yes.It’s their instinct! This week is going to be clear.Which means no clouds at night & with that scenario the nights will be cold! So I suspect most of my furry friends are already sleeping but If there are any stragglers,this weeks weather will make their minds up for them!

    1. I think this shoot was my best! It all happened because I had spent many hours with Peggy over two years. So she felt comfortable enough with me. If a bear doesn’t it’ll simply walk into the forest.

      1. You must have spent so much time with the bears, I was looking through your photos and realised how many hours you must have spent out in the wood and on the water taking photos. The bears all look so different in your photos, their personalities really come out.

      2. yes Emma they each are very unique…..once you get to know them of course. The way they act even more so. I really enjoy just hanging out with them. Sometimes If Its a bear I’ve known for years I will just talk to them or sing. They must think I’m crazy!

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