With the weather closing in,I won’t be getting out any time soon! So I thought I’d revisit some cub shots I’ve taken over the Summer. It’s been amazing to watch them playing,searching,climbing & growing bigger! Each of them has a unique personality.

I feel very lucky & honoured to watch them growing up.They are more like human children than one would think.

37 thoughts on “CUB CRAZY

      1. Yes – Teddy Roosevelt’s hunting trip and the poor bear that he refused to shoot but sadly some one else did later on! Not a brave act as the poor thing was tied up, I think.

      2. correct,the poor bear was tethered to a tree. I’m not a Hunter,& would not call that hunting.The phrase “shooting fish in a barrel” comes to mind to better describes.
        Today “Hunters” bait a area weeks prior, dress up in their camouflage & sit up in a tree waiting for the poor creature to come back to feed.

  1. So many fantastic shots it’s hard to pick a favorite, but my heart goes out to the little one resting his chin on a deadfall as he contemplates life :)
    A perfect way to celebrate life on the Remembrance Day, Wayne {{hugs}}

  2. What a wonderful array of cub photos, each one is special. You took some great photos this past year of eagles and bears. Hope you get some breaks in the weather this winter so you can get some cooler climate photos. Thanks for sharing these precious moments with your bear cub pals.

    1. I go over previous files.I have a 25% hit/miss ratio.Which means if I take 400 shots on a shoot,I will narrow that down to around 100 cherries.
      Poor weather produces poor light.I always chase the gold.Golden light is what I search for.Big long shadows from horizontal light.I only go on a shoot when Mother Nature phones me up & invites me out.

      1. I like your philosophy! :D That’s not a bad average for picking cherries…I’m working on improving mine.

      2. btw,ones percentage is greatly affected by what their shooting.If It’s studio work,all the shots should be perfect.With wildlife,trying to get close & being mindful of the suns direction can be challenging at times.

      3. Yes, I find I also have to be aware of the sky’s background so my birds don’t get lost in the business behind them.

  3. What a tremendous collection, Wayne! A lovely bunch of little beauties – what a fine summer you had, capturing these shots (and all the others!) – thanks, as always, for sharing.

      1. Might not be in the path here, but the forecast just south, Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass, is for 100 km/h gusts tomorrow – maybe the same system you had today?

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