I went camping for 5 days up in Tranquil creek.The salmon are running & the bears are grinning! I’ve been keeping a eye on the run & it looks like it’ll be coming to a end in a few weeks.Than my furry fiends will go for their winter nap.

Each day I had up there was magical! I couldn’t believe all the beauty surrounding me in oh so many ways.From the eagles flying over head,to the bears cruising looking for a tasty treat to the sound of a lone owl calling out in the night just to say goodnight!

I walked upstream with hundreds of salmon swimming all around me.With many bears walking around me.Seeing,breathing & hearing all of life dancing around me is what it’s all about….

10 thoughts on “TRANQUIL CREEK

    1. I felt that way at one time too but because of being around them now for many years,I know they are more afraid of me.
      Besides,I can read their body language! Just the same way you can read a dogs body language.You’ve been around dogs for many years now.If you were around bears for many years,you’d feel more comfortable.
      I was walking along a gravel bed yesterday when I heard a loud noise off to my right! I turned to see a bear fleeing very fast! It was a bear walking along a forest path when It must of seen me through the trees It got scared & ran away.

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