I’ve known “The Daredevil” & “Delilah”  for about 10 years now. I’ve seen them during each season down in Tsapee Narrows.(a mile east of Tofino)

For whatever reason,they took off about 4 months ago? I haven’t a clue why or where? So I was pleasantly surprised to see them back & perched together!

Now…………there is a possibility that these two “might” be two totally different eagles who have taken over this territory? I need to hang around them & watch their habits to see if they are The Daredevil & Delilah.

The male is the one on the left.



    1. your eagles are different in that regard. Eagles like all animals take advantage of the environment. Yours migrate,ours do not. You must live in a area that gets snow and ice. I live on the west coast of Vancouver island a temperate zone. We do not get much snow but it does go below zero sometimes.

      1. They are here oddly I’m the winter. I am guessing they move inland to lakes and rivers. They like riding the ice down the river with the tide while looking for fish. We may get the river totally icing over, but it does not stay that way too long. Coast guard cutters break the ice because the barges have to deliver oil up the river as far north as Albany.

      2. eagles like to land on the ice after they’ve caught a fish. A nice quiet spot to enjoy dinner. They than fly back to their territory .Eagles always have a favourite attack perch they use to watch for their next meal. While on the ice flow they would never be able to see any fish.

      3. normally the only reason why eagles congregate is because of food.

        I’m speculating but during the winter months food might be scarce and so If a eagle got a fish others might come in to grab it but that would mean they all would be fighting and it doesn’t sound like they are. Eagles do not socialize like other birds do (Crows),they are more loners than anything else.

      4. I talked with a good friend of mine who is a recognized birder. He said he has seen eagles congregating with no food carcass around.(20 to 30) They just sort of stand around on the ground.
        He also said that when the air currents are good many eagles do soar together. So it appears they do get together sometimes. However even he said that these gatherings are rare.

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