Some of you might remember a recent posting of mine describing how someone put spikes around a float to stop the Lions from using it. I got  DFO (Dept. of Fishier’s & Oceans) to remove the spiked strips from the float.The Lions can hop up without fear of being injured.

This link will take you to CHEK news. It’s the first news item.

34 thoughts on “LIONS ARE SAFE

  1. Heard you on the 5:00 news last night, you did a good and kind thing by reporting this.. looks like they have also put barriers up at the government dock at Fanny Bay to keep the Sea Lions away but at least those are not harmful.

    1. Just a lazy redneck who didn’t want to go to the trouble to bring his float in for the winter & also didn’t want the Lions using it!
      We should tie him down on the float while the Lions do a tap dance!

  2. OMG, just viewing this post. Good for you notifying and getting the nails removed. How horrible for someone to do that in the first place. Hope no more dangerous obstacles occur like that. Its good the seals have you on their side. : )

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