I was down in Ucluelet today.I took some shots of a bunch of Lions on a float out in Ucluelet’s harbour.I didn’t notice it at the time,but it appears that someone has placed some spiked 2X4 strips around the perimeter to prevent the Lions from wanting to get up onto the float. Anyone who knows Sea Lions,know they love to hang out on wharfs,docks & floats barking away contently.

Whoever owns this float has done this on purpose with no regard to the Lions being injured by these 6 inch spikes! I am looking into this to see If I can get these spikes pulled or this float pulled from the water? The Lions are beginning to come back into the harbour for safe refuge from the storms.

I’m sure some have already been injured! Will keep you informed on how this unfolds?


    1. yes,DFO.”Department of Fisheries & Oceans”.
      I’ve contacted them already.It appears someone else contacted them yesterday about the very same thing!
      I sent in my pictures to be used as evidence.

  1. Are those stellars? People just never fail, do they. The worst thing you can say about sea lions is don’t try to steal their fish. They do not like that. They are so wonderful, like everything wild and free of us human beings, that we kill them for no reason.

    1. No Cindy,Stellar’s are the “Blondies”,while the Cali’s are dark brown with that bump on their head. Stellar’s are the ones you see or use to see in circus’s.
      Cali’s weight in at 1/2 ton while the Stellar’s are a ton plus.
      Thankfully only a handful of bad apples in the barrel.
      thank you for the interest & comment Cindy!

    1. Contacted them & they told me that someone else had filed a complaint the day before! I’m sure it’ll be looked at today!
      The local paper will be looking into it today as well.Maybe they will run a article with my shots to at the very least embarrass the individual locally!

      1. HI and yes we are keeping an eye on things although with the massive development around here and the power of greed being strong it is getting hard.

      2. …and that may occurs at any m moment or so it seems. We are entering a bit of a bottleneck on how the planet evolves and if humans come through remains to be seen.

  2. This is despicable. The water is sea Lions’ natural habitat, and anything we humans put into it is fair game for these beautiful creatures. Bless you for taking action, Wayne ♥♥

    1. I’ve notified government authorities (& they got back to me today telling me there are going to look into!) the local reporter & the Vancouver Aquarium.
      …..I’m going to guess that the owner doesn’t want to go to the trouble hauling the float out & put this strips on to stop the Lions from using it.
      Any float left out there is fair game as far as I’m concerned!

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