I went camping for three days.On my way out I came across this bear on Warne island.It’s down Tofino inlet.This bear had to of swam there.Bears & other animals do “island hop” from time to time.They are in search for food of course & If they keep finding it,they’ll stay………..If not, they’ll swim away to another island.


29 thoughts on “CURIOUS “GEORGE”

  1. Loved learning about Curious George here, Wayne. It looks like his swim was not wasted, as I see green berries behind him. Looks like he found what he was looking for. As always, these photos are a complete joy. This is a very large bear, and he is so beautiful.

    • He was a large bear & I now wonder if he’s a permanent citizen of Warne island? Now that I’ve gotten a good close up of his face,I might be able to compare to a shot I take in the future of a bear on Warne?I’ve only seen two on the island before.So there can’t be more than just the one bear residing.

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