10 thoughts on ““LEAH” OUT FOR A WALK

    • It was tricky getting this series.It was low tide,so I couldn’t get the boat closer to shore.So I stepped out & walked to shore.It may of been shallow back by the boat but the depth did get deeper (I had my chest waders on).Also some of the bottom was soft mud which wanted me to stay stuck! It took me 5 minutes to walk to shore at least! Leah wasn’t waiting for me either. It was my first time getting close to her.I could see that she is a older female.Her eyes have that older look to them.Like cataracts.Putting a greyish haze over them.This explains why she likes to stay alone & has no cubs.

      • Terrific photography, glad you had your chest waders on as synchronicity would have it, an opportunity to get close to Leah! What more pristine a location than to spend the second part of her life surrounded by such beauty and berries, too!

      • It is very interesting to hear the tales behind your photos. You definitely put some effort into getting these photos. Sounds a bit dangerous as well. Your camera must be a bit waterproof?

  1. Very nice. Like the layers in the top photo – foreground, mid-ground and background. Nice contrast in colors. And the bottom photo looks like a portrait in the grass – great light.

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